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Engineers of scale.

Multiple helps technology companies to nail their purpose, fire up their people and build platforms for growth so they can take out the competition, take that big exit or take over the world.

Zombies. Unicorns. Cockroaches.

Walking dead, mythical beast or resilient survivor?

Are you trapped in that state of limbo between life or death? Seeking that glossy $1bn valuation? Or building a business that can adapt and thrive, whatever the conditions?

Are you ready to get to grips with your true nature? Chart the course for the venture ahead? Wrestle some of those monster challenges?

You are? Good, so are we.

Meet the #squad.

Meet the #squad.

Different battle. Same scars.

We’ve been the investor and the founder, the client and the consultant, the tea-boy and the CEO. We’ve backed, built and sold businesses. And we’ve had our share of screw-ups and success stories along the way. This means that although your business and its challenges are unique to you, we’ll certainly share common values, experiences and ambitions.

Purpose. People. Platforms.

Our work is focused on developing what we believe are the three core pillars of an organisation’s ‘operating system’.

The why, the who and the how.

Each plays a crucial role in developing the perfect conditions for success.

Traction speaks louder than words.

  • We help build the OS for your long-term success, so you can:
  • Figure out the ‘why’ so others will buy.
  • Ensure culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Reach a million audiences of one, not an audience of one million.
  • Scale-up without dumbing down.
  • Jump from market place to market leader.
  • Turn users into customers and customers into evangelists.
  • Sell your product without selling out.
  • Disrupt yourself before somebody else does.

We. Are. Here.

Soho Works, Shoreditch.
Unit 4.07, 4th Floor The Tea Building. 56 Shoreditch High Street.
London E1 6JJ.
[email protected] | @mltipl